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Frequently Asked Questions
Why doesn't the music in Stealth Bee Jam sound like a toy piano?
The music in Stealth Bee Jam is recorded by real musicians, using real instruments, synthesizers, and samplers to make sure your music sounds its very best.
I can't play guitar like Eric, Jimmy, or Eddie. Can I play Stealth Bee Jam?
Stealth Bee Jam lets anyone, and we mean anyone, jam like they've been playing their whole lives and on any instrument. All of the musical variables like key, rhythm, and volume are managed by Stealth Bee Jam to ensure that no matter how you approach jamming, you will always sound great.

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What's the difference between the Free version and the one I have to pay for?
The two versions are functionally identical. The only difference is the number of free songs available with the app. The free version of Stelath Bee Jam includes one song, Melt My World, a great rock song to introduce you to the Stealth Bee world of jamming. The paid version includes three songs (two pre-installed, one free to download.)
Did You Know?
Riffs are arranged so that the higher pitched ones are at the top for the Blue and Purple instruments and on the right side for the Yellow instrument.

You can create unique Riffs by tapping a second Riff button or a Note while the first Riff is playing - but this only works when playing Riffs and Notes within in the same instrument.

Loops can be turned on and off during the middle of a song to make unique arrangements. Try turning off most of the loops to really highlight your jamming.

I want to form a three member band using Stealth Bee Jam and a single iPad. Can I do that?
Using Stealth Bee Jam on the iPad provides you with enough screen space to jam along with friends. Everything from a duet to a ensemble is possible, with everyone getting to play their own solo instrument.
I don't want to spend time tweaking and arranging loops. How quickly can I start making music?
Unlike a lot of looping apps which require assembling tracks and choosing from a list of loop sounds before you can actually play a "song" (did you ever notice there's really no beginning, middle, and end to a looping song), with Stealth Bee Jam, you choose a song, tap the Start button, and start Jamming!
It would be so cool to play along with my own music collection. Can I do that with Stealth Bee Jam?
The songs, riffs, notes, and loops in Stealth Bee Jam have been specially designed to work together within the app. Jamming to your own music, at this point, isn't possible.
What's the deal with sharing using MP4s?
We have big plans to improve the Sharing features in Stealth Bee Jam, including making it faster and easier to share your Jams using different social networks. Look for a future update coming soon.
I want to use my Stealth Bee Jams as the soundtrack for my Hollywood movie. Any legal issues with that?
Absolutely not! You can use your Jams for just about anything you can think of: video soundtrack, DJ a wedding, perform live for an audience, music for your social networking profile page, anything!
I want to carry Stealth Bee Jam with me everywhere I go, but the iPad is too darn big. What about an iPhone version?
We're hard at work on an iPhone version as you are reading this. We hope to announce Stealth Bee Jam for iPhone shortly.
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