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Have you ever dreamed of being a rock star, a
blues demi-god, or pop royalty? Now you can!
Stealth Bee Jam lets you take center stage,
shredding a guitar, tickling the ivories, and
scorching a sax like a superstar, and more, even if you've never before picked up a musical instrument.

Stealth Bee Jam is a unique music creativity application like no other in the app store. It's ingenious approach lets you play pitch-perfect solos using a variety of instruments that sound fantastic.  Stealth Bee Jam lets you jam along with specially composed songs to produce unique performances all your own. You can share your jams, use them as soundtracks, or simply play them back to enjoy your music.

Like No Other App
Stealth Bee Jam is a much richer musical experience than any instrument simulator. It offers more free-flowing creativity and than repetitive looping apps. And it isn't even in the same category as sound board apps.

No matter how many times you step into the spotlight with Stealth Bee Jam, your performances are spontaneous, organic, and unique. There are thousands of ways to play your solos and arrange your songs - be as wild and creative as you can be.

Making Music
Each original, specially created Stealth Bee Jam song provides a customizable background track to provide the song's foundation. Each song contains three lead instruments which are matched to complement the song's vibe and musical style. You jam by stringing together a variety of expressive riffs (short bursts of notes), using one, two or all three lead instruments.

Songs to Jam By
Whether you like Rock 'n Roll, Blues, Pop and more, you'll find Stealth Bee Jam songs can bring out the musical star in anyone.

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